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Investment casting Process
arrow Investment Castings today is a highly
specialized method of producing
near net shape.
arrow We produce castings in the weight
range from a few grammes to
about 15 Kgs single piece.
arrow Trident Steels manufactures Stainless
Steel castings of pipe fittings in
S.S304 and S.S316 grades.
arrow Castings can be made with under-
cuts, through or blind holes and
Welcome-Trident Investment Castings
The investment castings process has been in exsistence for many hundreds of years. It was only during the second world war, its full potential for mass manufacturing of parts was fully utilized on an industrial scale for casting critical parts like turbine blades and for arms and armaments.

Investment casting technology has come a long way since then. Today, the investment casting process is made use of produce large turbine blades for gas and steam turbines, high tech orthopaedic parts like knee joints, hip joints and ankle joints.

We at Trident Steels offer investment castings for the diverse needs of the engineering industry. Smooth finish, aesthetic appearnce and close dimensional tolerances are some of the attributes of the parts we offer. We are well equipped with modern equipment necessary to produce top quality investment castings.
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As-Cast Surface Finishes
Alloy RMS
Aluminium Investment Castings 60-100
Copper Investment Castings 60-100
Gun Metal Investment Castings 60-100
Phosphor Bronze Investment Castings 60-100
Cobalt Chrome Investment Castings 80-100
300 Series Stainless Steel Investment Casting 90-125
Carbon Steel Investment Castings 90-125
400 Series Stainless Steel Investment Castings 100-125
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